Pictures of puppies - past and present   I will be including pictures sent to us by the new moms and dads also.
Photo Album

rum jumbe was so smart in class- he
now sits, downs, and comes on
command we are working on place and
wait!! there is a black lab same age
and so much more hyper and
aggressive--my boy is the
hope you all have a happy thanksgiving
janet and rum

Thank you Janet and Rum Jumbe!
Bonnie I just wanted to share
Chloe's picture with you.  She just
turned 1 yr old June 16th.  She is
so energetic and with a mind of her
own at times.  She is turning out to
be a great dog with a lot of potential
(lol).  She keeps us on our toes
and loves to run.  She is very
special to us. thank you once again.


Thank you, Bill!  
Chloe, Tibetan Terrier
Rocco is already lovin life!! And what joy he's
brought to Litlle  
Althea and I. Althea is to the right, Rocco to the left.

Thank you, Brandon!
Rum Jumbe, Tibetan Terrier
Rocco, Toy Fox Terrier
Attached is a picture of
Terso (his new name
is Chewee).  He’s 6
months old now and
we absolutely love
him! He’s very playful,
cuddly and very
inquisitive.  He loves
baths, long walks and
loves watching TV. Go
figure ~

Thank you,
Chewee ~ Tibe-Cot
I just wanted to drop you a line & tell you how much we love Harper!  He
is the cutest pup and our family just loves him so much!  We kept his
name the same because we all thought it fit him perfectly.  He is very
playful and doing great with house training.  We also currently have him
enrolled in a 5 week puppy training class at PetSmart.  He is catching on
quickly.  We get so many compliments from people saying how beautiful
he is.  The ladies at the bank are in love with him too.  He travels well
and likes to go for car rides.  He has adjusted to our daily routine and
has become quite the Daddy's boy.  He is very attached to my husband!

Thank you again for such a wonderful, lovable puppy!

   Thank you, Kelly!
Harper ~ Tibetan Terrier

<<Chloe at 1 year old

Chloe at 3 years old  >>
Thank you so much for breeding
such a great dog! I love my Irish
terrier so much. She just turned
three the other day. So I thought it
would be nice to send you this
email and give you an update on
her(Birdie). She loves people and
loves to be loved on. When we go
on walks, people in my
neighborhood love to stop and pet
her. She's such a sweet dog.
Thank you! Hope all is well.

Thank you, Ryan!!!