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This is a great family movie that
you might enjoy watching.  The
Irish are entertaining on or off
Sycamore Hot Spring Of Dogwood Run

(a.k.a. Sebastian)  Out of Croatian
blood lines with a very impressive
  Clear by parentage for OFA
Wonderful temperament and very sweet!
Outstanding pedigree!
OFA hip prelim - GOOD, NCL & PLL clear.

Super nice temperament and great
NCL & PLL clear
This litter is out of
Cookies 'n' Cream    
(C.C.) and Sycamore
Hot Spring Of
Dogwood Run
(Sebastian).  They
were born on Nov
29th and will be old
enough to go to their
new homes anytime
after Jan 24th, 2019.
Sycamore's Cookies 'N' Cream (CC) on the left

Sycamore Hot Spring of Dogwood Run (Sebastian)
on the right.